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The MELODY project partnership is a dynamic platform for the leadership, governance and accountability, shared commitment, knowledge, experience and complimentary expertise that will drive the project and ensure it achieves its strategic and operational objectives.


ANTARES is an Italian SME founded in 1989, with a large team of qualified consultants. It works in the field of enterprise consultancy, socio-organisational research and management training. ANTARES has been involved in more than 50 national and European partnerships, both in research and training areas, showing its ability to manage complex projects, paying particular attention to organisations working with innovative processes (telework, e-learning, etc.).

In particular it has a great experience in research and training for human resources (skill assessment, career development, transversal training for professional development, wellbeing assessment, diversity management, etc.)

It manages all projects by cooperating with the clients and partners relating its interventions to their specific needs. Moreover, it has extensive experience in the area of monitoring and evaluation of complex projects, managing their quality system.

For over 17 years Antares has been partner in European projects especially in the field of vocational education and training (VET), aimed at innovation and the exchange of good practices with regard to skills development and coaching in favour of disadvantaged people and the definition of models and tools to ensure quality consistent with European frameworks.

Antares is the lead partner for the MELODY project and has lead responsibility for the overall governance, management, coordination and administration of the project.

Antares will lead Intellectual Output 6: The MELODY Charter.


GEMS Northern Ireland is a company limited by guarantee and registered charity/social enterprise organisation.

Since our launch in 2002 we have developed and delivered best practice in employability/employment services. GEMS NI is recognised as delivering excellence in IAG and VET and our development of models of best practice in employability interventions that support long-term unemployed/economically inactive people and in particular marginalized and disadvantaged groups including lone parents, migrants, young people who are NEET, older people, people with disabilities and health conditions, who experience disadvantage in the labour market.

We have over 16 years’ experience in European partnership projects designed to support improvements to education, training and employment outcomes for disadvantaged learners. GEMS NI is committed to bringing "people to jobs and jobs to people". GEMS NI strives to promote social inclusion in the labour market and respects the client's right to freedom of career choice and freely chosen employment choice within the constraints and realities of the labour market.

GEMS NI will lead Intellectual Output 5: Report on Testing the MELODY e-learning module and the Impact and Dissemination cross-sectoral responsibility.


Centre Recursos d'Iniciatives i Autoocupació, sl (C.R.I.A.) performs as consultancy and training organization of PROMOCIONS - Knowledge Network - and is specialised in: Social inclusion programs and local social development, Local economic and employment actions with disabled people, Training of trainers in innovative educational action, and European manager training, Political employment and social innovation - Programs of start-up and social enterprise development in different sectors.

Established in 1997, CRIA is a small private company, promotes, assesses and participates in European initiatives programs and international cooperation. Work with public administrations (local and regional level), other privates sectorial companies (services, education, industry), trade unions and social and educational organisations, economic and social thematic networks.

CRIA will lead Intellectual Output 3: MELODY E-Learning Module and the Quality cross-sectoral responsibility.


Desincoop is a provider of services cooperative, established in 2005, in the North Region of Portugal, Guimarães, with the aim of creating employment opportunities for people at risk of social exclusion because of their ethnic origin, age, gender and/or disability.

Its mission is to provide services in the areas of economic, social, educational and cultural initiatives through innovative solutions that meet the needs of their target groups, its territory, and their co-operators and collaborators.

The social profiles of Desincoop beneficiaries are young people, adult and senior unemployed people from disadvantaged backgrounds and minorities trying to find a first job or a new employment. In a lot of cases, they are trying a self-employment since their qualifications are not enough to very competitive jobs.

The main activities are studies, consultancy, training, elaboration of projects, support for the creation and operation of Proximity Services and other cooperatives, social and cultural interventions in the community in two of the pillars of Desincoop strategic vision: the defence of human rights and sustainable development.

The cooperative founders have previous experience in all the fields mentioned as professionals and trainers. With their contribution new partners were searched to improve the participation in European programs (Leonardo, Grundtvig Progress, Daphne, Long Life Learning, Youth in Action, Europe for Citizen and Erasmus+), to develop the skills of its staff and to achieve the cooperative goals, mainly the transference of good practices.

Desincoop will lead Intellectual Output 1: MELODY Comparative Analysis and the Communication cross-sectoral responsibility.


Spir Oslo provides vocational training and assists people in finding the right job. Whether it's about raising skills, qualifying or developing career skills, we are your local and experienced friend along the way. We focus on the future and educate professionals the community needs. We are wholly owned by Oslo municipality and approved provider of measures for NAV. As a labour and inclusion company, we are an important recruitment partner for the business community.

We know people are good and we are good at seeing how. We provide competitive and professional services - in addition to taking care of those who do the job. Our vision "Together for new opportunities" is reflected in everything we do.

SPIR OSLO will lead Intellectual Output 2: MELODY Toolkit for Teachers and the Sustainability cross-sectoral responsibility.

IC Spoltore School

The IC of Spoltore is a school that includes three instruction degrees located in four different structures: - The pre-primary school in Villa Raspa (a quarter of Spoltore) - The Primary school in Villa Raspa - The secondary school in Spoltore - A small school community in Caprara that provides multilevel classes due to a very low number of students

IC SPOLTORE is led by a Headmaster and has 138 teachers (including 30 support teachers for students with special needs/disabilities) and 23 ancillary staff.

In addition to general courses (Italian, History, Maths, Science, English, French, Spanish, Arts, Music, Physical education, Geography, Technology, Catholic religion or substitute subject) our school offers the possibility to attend a special section to study musical instrument practice.

Our staff team work to improve the inclusion of foreign students and students with different abilities.

IC SPOLTORE has been involved in several Comenius Projects and became national champion 2013 in the Robocup Competition Under 14 (Rescue category): following this placement our team participated in The Robocup world competition (Heindhoven 2013) and in several Rome Cup competitions, obtaining often the first or the second placement.

IC SPOLTORE will lead Intellectual Output 4: Report on Testing Toolkit for Teachers and the Internal Evaluation of Outputs cross-sectoral responsibility.

Agrupamento de escolas Francisco de Holanda

Francisco de Holanda School Grouping (AEFH) is constituted by four schools: Santa Luzia Primary School, the first primary school created in the city, located in the Parish of Azurém and Pegada Primary School. Egas Moniz Middle School (EB2/3), located in the Parish of Urgezes, was created through Ministerial Ordinance no. 1210, on the 3rd October 1995. Francisco de Holanda Secondary School, created by Regal Decree, on 3rd December 1884, is situated in Alameda Dr. Alfredo Pimenta (Dr. Alfredo Pimenta Avenue), at the intersection of two parishes: São Paio and Oliveira do Castelo. It had major reconstruction work done in 2009, under the School Facilities’ Modernisation Project.

Francisco de Holanda School Grouping includes all levels of education, from pre-school to secondary, with several course choices, ranging from Science and Humanities (CCH) to vocational courses. Francisco de Holanda also has several certified courses for adult learners and courses that validate and certify skills through its Qualifica Centre. The School Grouping has 2560 students; 211 teachers and 62 auxiliary staff.

Francisco de Holanda Secondary School, where our project is being developed, currently has 136 teachers, 1250 students attending Science and Humanities Courses (Visual Arts, Science and Technology, Socioeconomics, Languages and Humanities), 432 students attending vocational courses (Electronics, Automation and Computers, Mechatronics, Marketing, Design, Management and Programming of Computer Systems, Geriatrics) and about 100 students in Adult Education Courses that function at night, from 7.00 pm to 11.00 pm.

Francisco de Holanda Secondary School will support the Internal Evaluation of Outputs within the cross-sectoral responsibility for the MELODY Project.


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